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A Quick Hello!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen of WordPress! It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated / added entries to my site. The primary reason being how busy I am with school at the moment. That being said, I plan on getting a few reviews out to you guys within the next week to two weeks.

Primarily, I’ve been listening to mostly blues; i.e., Robert Johnson (quite a bit); Son House (especially his compilation from the mid-60s; Robert Lockwood Jr. (covering Robert Johnson– excellent stuff right there); Johnny Shines (amazing singer, glad I found out about him); Fred McDowell (what a voice and guitar) and a few others (hopefully will write some reviews about ’em). Furthermore, I’ve also been listening to Fathers and Sons by Muddy Waters and Hooker n Heat by John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat. So, even though I haven’t reviewed an album in nearly a month, rest assured: I’m still digging deep into the catalogue of music.

Like I said, I hope to have some reviews out in at most two weeks! Take care all!



Launch of New Blog

Hello all!

I’ve been working on setting up a new blog, chiefly focused on daily musings, depression and music reviews.

Here is the link:

Take a look if it piques your interest. As per my Productivity Tracker, my goal is to write one blog post every day for the next week. A tough goal for me, considering how time-consuming school is at the moment, but I shall stick to it.

If you’re eager to view another perspective on life from a self-described “old soul” millennial, check it out! In the words of the immortal Muddy Waters: “ALL ABOARD!”


Possible Changes Coming

Hello all!

Long time, no see! I’m considering changing my blog in its entirety (and if you’ve been with me for a long while now, you may remember my first blog, zsfmusicreviews). What’s causing such a drastic change, you may ask?

For one, I want to branch out of only reviewing desert island albums, in the sense that I want to review any album which piques my interest, whether its good or bad (whatever those terms mean). Thus, my “quite niche” domain name doesn’t quite fit anymore.

Moreover, I’d like to resume writing about my life, particularly in dealing with my depression and anxiety (and productivity). I’ve done that for a blog I had (a LONG time ago), and it was quite rewarding and relaxing.

Let me know what you all think about the aforementioned. But, quite frankly, I’ve pretty much made up my mind.

As always, take care!


Songs of the Week: Prodigal Son – The Rolling Stones (1968)

“Prodigal Son” is one of my favorite songs of all time. It offers an enriching listening experience that indubitably has that “alive” factor I often ramble on about. “Son” is a song entirely mired in diametrically opposing states: melancholy and hope. Melancholy for the son’s current condition; hope for his eventual betterment. That right there makes this song so special to me. It sums up the very essence of life and the human condition rather convincingly.

A beautiful and earnest homage to Robert Wilkins. Possibly the Stones’ best (or at least up there).

Songs of the Week: Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Alternate Take) – The Rolling Stones (1971)

I’ve always loved the first three minutes (or so) of the original. But that damn instrumentation. Ugh. Very rarely do I find instrumentation impressive or even necessary; “Knocking”, unfortunately, isn’t the exception.

This alternate take, off of their infamous (and entirely imperfect) “Sticky Fingers”, kicks some serious rock n roll ass. And I mean that wholeheartedly. It encapsulates everything I want out of a stellar Stones song: sexy, grimy and gritty tendencies. Lovely, just lovely.

Songs of the Week: Just Want to See His Face – The Black Crowes (2010)

A marvelous cover. That’s for god damn sure. I consider the Crowes’ version to be the preeminent version (yes, better than the Stones, even!). A lively, rambunctious hard-rocker that gets me relaxed (sensing a constant theme this week?).

First Impressions: Amazing Grace – Mississippi Fred McDowell , et. al. (1966)


After such a terribly exhausting week, laden with late nights and all-encompassing stress, I needed some peace. Plain and simple. I found that in “Amazing Grace”. Thank god. Beautiful, emotional and, most importantly, candid, this is an album mired in profound inspirations. I’m not a religious man– not by any means– but this album lifts my oft-beaten spirit up and makes me love life. As such, “Grace” gets an A+.

Grade: A+

Call Me – Al Green (1973)


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An astonishingly beautiful album, “Call Me” is one of my favorite albums of all time. Period. An album entirely immersed feelings of love-stricken melancholy yet simultaneous yearning for something better, “Call Me” is indubitably Green’s best work. In all candor, I fucking love how breathtaking this album truly is.

Throughout “Me”‘s entire runtime, Green sets himself up as an entirely broken man,  absolutely ruined by a failed love. Rather than stew in his explicit loneliness, Green is able to expertly tell a narrative chiefly concerned with emotional resurgence; that is, although he’s depressed, he still hangs on to whatever modicum of hope that life can offer him. This two-element focus on melancholy and hope makes “Call Me” one of the greatest albums in my (ever-growing) collection.

Onto Green’s voice. WOW! His voice leave me totally speechless as it’s both undeniably poignant and unbelievably exuberant at the same time. His impassioned vocal deliveries, the luxurious arrangements padding this album’s runtime and Green’s stellar knack for storytelling puts this album in my pantheon of most-treasured desert island masterpieces. That’s for damn sure.

Now, let’s look at a couple of my favorite songs off “Call Me”. Much like “Astral Weeks” (by Van Morrison), I find this an exceedingly difficult task. However, it must be done and so, without further ado, here we go. My favorite song, without question, is his cover of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”. I’ve heard Williams’ original, Cash’s cover, and even the Cowboy Junkies’ take; however, Green blows everyone out of the water. Such an emotionally resonant song sung with utter conviction and undeniable passion. It makes me feel as if I’m wandering in some pastoral area in some far-away dream. Such an awesome song.

Next is the intense album closer, “Jesus Is Waiting”. What a closer! Green’s voice might be at its best here. Just maybe. Love is the only answer and the only salvation, ladies and gentlemen (at least according to Mr. Green himself).

In conclusion, “Call Me” is without a doubt one of my most-treasured albums in my musical collection. What a pleasant and musically rich desert I’ve found myself on, at this moment in time.

My Grade: A+

Glad to be back, ladies and gentlemen!