How I Evaluate Albums

Personally, this is my favorite and most enjoyable part of reviewing albums and songs. My rating scale is always being changed and reevaluated. But for the time being, I believe I have a good thing going.

Each album gets a letter grade at the end of the review. That’s it; it’s just that simple.

The Grades:

A+ : An album that I keep coming back to, without question. And, furthermore, an album that connects with me on such a high level that it has become vastly important to me.

A: An album that is worthy of many further listenings, but one which may not connect with me on such an intense level as the A+ albums.

A- : An album which I seek out a couple of absolutely beautiful songs to listen to. The rest of the track listing, doesn’t interest me as much though.

B+ : I may listen to the album in full only a handful of times over an extensive period of time. This means that I don’t enjoy the album as much as I wanted to.

B: Now we’re getting into just “good” (whatever the hell that means) territory. Again, only a couple of songs really pique my interest; the rest are dead on arrival. Something (which I’ll elaborate on in my review) is keeping it from a higher grade.

B- : May have one song that I love. The rest never get their fair share of listening from yours truly.

F- to C+ : I wouldn’t recommend these albums, at all. You’re better off listening to something else (in my opinion, of course).