Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! – The Rolling Stones (1970)

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“Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!” is my favorite  live album to date.

Mired in a sense of passion and excitement, “Ya-Ya’s” is an absolutely astonishing album. Along with a handful of other albums (which will be reviewed in due time), this carried me through the summer before my second year in college. Dealing with deeply troubling personal problems, I sought to simply relax and unwind during the summer. In this pursuit, I knew I needed some good, ole’-fashioned fan-fucking-tastic rock n roll. Luckily, that’s what I found in “Ya-Ya’s.

Jagger and Co are on top of their game throughout their entire live set from the end of ’69. They never sounded more alive or volatile. Actually, throughout “Ya-Ya’s”, they sound as wild and as unhinged as the Stooges. Quite the accomplishment, indeed. As such, it feels as if everything is going to implode throughout the album’s run time due to the very nature of the musical volatility of the Stones’ singing and playing.

Onto my favorites. Here, I’m looking at the Deluxe Edition (which has five previously unreleased cuts from the same live set).

Much like “Exile on Main St”, I’ve had a long winding history with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”. I first grew to love it during my third year in high school, first hearing it off of the “Hot Rocks” compilation. On “Ya-Ya’s”, the Stones simply nailed the spirited essence of “Flash”; simply put, it sounds much better live than in the studio. Again, the “alive” factor seeps through.

With its dueling guitar work from Taylor and Richards, “Sympathy for the Devil” (one of the greatest songs ever recorded) invigorates as well as excites. Holy shit, does it sound so fucking great live!

“Prodigal Son”. Holy shit. Holy shit, this song. Powerful, moving and poignant, “Son” has been on repeat for the past three days seemingly nonstop. I loved “Son” on 1968’s “Beggars Banquet”, but like most of the songs here, sounds much better live. Definitely one of my favorite songs that I’ve heard in the last nineteen years of my life.

Thus, “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!” is engaging, fiery and, above all, memorable. Much like James Brown’s “Live At the Apollo”, this is a hypnotic “wrecking ball” of an album. One of the few Stones albums that I keep coming back to, without fail.

My Grade: A


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