Fun House – The Stooges (1970)

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As with “Raw Power”, “Fun House” is one of my most-listened-to albums, ever.

Going through quite a rough time during my final year in high school, I looked to music for some much-needed solace. At the time, my favorite bands were The Doors and Sweet Smoke (a relatively obscure psychedelic band from the end of the hippie era). Despite my listening to them, however, neither band could alleviate my plundered mind. Then. Then it all fell into place.

While working out, I stumbled upon The Stooges via their self-titled debut. I was absolutely blown away by the trifecta of “1969”, “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and “No Fun” (and still am to some extent). I had never heard anything so carnal or impassioned before. Thus, it was easy to see why I fell in musical love with The Stooges.

That being said, “The Stooges” led me to “Fun House” (which later led me to their greatest work, “Raw Power”). Holy hell. This alum blows everything out of the water. HolyFuckingShit (HFS)!

“Fun House” isn’t simply just an album: it’s a synthesis of everything grimy, dirty, druggy and disgusting. That’s just how I enjoy my punk and proto-punk. Lucky for me.Acclaimed music critic Robert Christgau once called this album an “atom bomb” and a “wrecker’s ball”. Quite indicative of what’s lurking in the Stooges’ second studio release.

When I began partying in college, I always had this album in mind. Without question, “Fun House” is the preeminent party album. ‘Nuff said. That is due primarily to the album being entropy personified. Disorder, pure disorder. Isn’t it lovely?

Like I said, “Fun House” is one of my most-listened-to albums (at least on the order of 300 or so listens). As such, it’s quite easy for me to pick my favorite songs on here. Without further ado my friends…

“Looooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!!!…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!…Wooooooooo!!!” Of course “TV Eye” had to be on here. Of course.

Next on the list is “1970” which is ferocious and eerie. “1970” always reminds me of Iggy’s remarkable peanut butter fiasco during a live show from 1970 (funny enough). Simply put, this song refuses to be contained; it is boundless in its volatile nature.

Finally, there’s “Fun House”, the namesake to this absolutely insane (yet all the while stunning) album. This was the song that made me want to party. Simply awesome. Hypnotic in all of its insanity.

In conclusion, “Fun House” attacks our mind and body, like some deplorable disease. In The Stooges’ case, though, that’s just how it is.  HFS!

My Grade: A-



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