Townes Van Zandt – Townes Van Zandt (1969)

Source: Early Morning Training

Walking alone late after a long night of studying, I sought to simply relax and let my mind roam free. Fortunately enough, I decided to check my “Recently Added Music” section on my phone and stumbled upon “Townes Van Zandt”, Zandt’s third studio release.

Rather excitingly, “Zandt” is one of the most intense and engaging albums I’ve yet to hear; it’s gorgeous, intoxicating and inviting. That is, with Zandt as our guide, we’re taken on a ride through barren landscapes, cold, dreary nights and gorgeous, sun-laden mornings. Simply put, “Zandt” is a masterpiece, no ifs, ands, or buts about it

Quite frankly, this is an album in my pantheon of selected albums that I keep coming back to without fail. This is primarily due to Zandt’s emotional intensity and lyrical mobility that he injects into each one of the songs in “Zandt”. All in all, it bursts with earthy energy, incalculable presence and immeasurable weight. As such, it was (as it always is) rather difficult to choose my favorite song. However, after some much-needed reflection, I chose the dismal yet exciting “Lungs”.

Like most songs here, “Lungs” never lets up: it’s escalatory presence packs an indubitable punch.

In conclusion, “Zandt” is an exceptional alt-country/singer-songwriter masterpiece. Candidly, I learn something new each time I give it a listen. As such, it’s one of my favorite albums in my (ever-growing) collection.

My Grade: A+


Author: Zach

Millennial who loves stellar music!

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