Bayou Country – Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969)

Source: The Bayou Bethlehem

Yet another outstanding CCR album. Plain and simple. Raw, cathartic and pastoral, “Bayou Country” sees our much-loved swamp rockers at the top of their game yet again. “Country” solidifies what I already knew: I fucking love CCR! They kick some serious, serious ass. This album captures the overall badassery of the band in such a convincing way, that it rivals the power of “Willy and the Poor Boys”; the overarching breadth of “Cosmo’s Factory”; and the terseness found in “Green River”. Much like the Stones’ triumphant four-album run, except here we find that all the albums are actually fantastic (but that’s a different discussion entirely).

Again, the spotlight is indubitably on Fogerty’s emphatic vocal performances, which simply radiate wariness and grizzled wisdom. Quite frankly, it’s such a treat to hear him howl and yelp; again, he simply kicks ass. Now, onto the moment we all were waiting for (errrr, some I hope): my favorite track. Now, this wasn’t as tough nor as demanding as some of the other albums I’ve already reviewed here. Lucky for me.

In all candor, I’d go with the chilling and captivating “Graveyard Train”. Simply put, whenever I hear this song, I give it all of my attention; it’s that kind of song. Much like Randy Newman’s “12 Songs” (which will be reviewed in due time), this song makes me think of lonely, bone-chilling nights on some deserted backcountry road. “Train” is all about mayhem, death and a sign of things to come. Eerie, wholly eerie.

All in all, “Bayou Country” is another swamp-rock masterpiece from the tail end of the ’60s (much like “Willy and the Poor Boys”). As such, it fits effortlessly into the pantheon of my favorite musical works. As with “Willy”, “Green River” and “Cosmo’s Factory”, I keep “Country” on the island here with me. Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen!

My Grade: B+


Author: Zach

Millennial who loves stellar music!

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