Astral Weeks – Van Morrison (1968)


No album has affected me quite like “Astral Weeks”. It’s a wild, imaginative, and complex set of recordings. My fervent admiration for this album lies in the fact that it has offered me such a large magnitude of solace in my darkest, most dismal times. Despite going through some wholly desperate and increasingly melancholic times, “Weeks” has offered me virtual warmth and internal drive to keep on going.

The album’s undying impetus is Morrison himself (this is NOT to discredit, however, the excellent backing band). He’s an expert, if not entirely mysterious, storyteller, able to skillfully paint vibrant pictures of life’s minutia. His uniqueness comes from the fact that he takes this (seeming) minutia, enlarges it and transforms it into entirely immersive, dream-like and hazy encapsulations.

That’s where the beauty and my ardent appreciation for this album stems from: the creative and wholly unique storytelling. Very few artists can paint the pictures that Morrison and Co. can.

“Weeks” deals primarily with love-tinged anxiety and desperation, as many songs on here would suggest. However, my favorite song here is the album’s closer, “Slim Slow Slider”, which works to solidify the themes of melancholy and despair already present.

Although Morrison sounds subdued, his lyrics are quite alive and breathtaking. “Slider” simply screams melancholy; that is, both Morrison delivery and the band’s atmospheric instrumentations give rise to the ideas of loss and death: “I know you’re dyin’ baby and you know it too”. Rather fittingly, the song ends in complete disordered mayhem adding to themes already present throughout the album’s runtime. Due to its frank yet simultaneously lush nature, “Slider” is my favorite song off of Morrison’s sophomore outing.

In conclusion, it’s quite an ordeal to sum up “Weeks”. It’s an exhilarating piece of work, and, quite frankly, it’s one-of-a-kind. I love it, and as such, it is one of my preeminent desert island picks.

My Grade: A+


Author: Zach

Millennial who loves stellar music!

2 thoughts on “Astral Weeks – Van Morrison (1968)”

  1. Beautiful Zach. After James Brown and Iggy Pop, this piece is a touching…….actually, more like ‘grabbing’’ as your descriptions of emotion are simply beautiful!


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